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Use of Business Intelligence in decision making

I created this asset portfolio dashboard (asset size in billions) for a bank. In the present environment, data mining/analytics will give any organization actionable intelligence and insights.

The dashboard shows forced selling value, open market value, outstanding loan balance and other key performance indicators (KPIs) for any mixed category of data fields,

1. Property type;

2. Nature of portfolio (alive vs provision vs written off);

3. Category of asset based on return-risk profile;

4. Description of Industry, Sector, Sub-Sector;

5. Personal guarantees, guarantees backed by government;

6. Terminated and Non-Terminated status;

7. Age of the borrower;

8. Possibility of restructuring; and

9. Quality of collateral.

The dashboard was used for implementation of various recovery strategies.

Be it any business, integrating intelligence from all the operations and viewing them in a holistic framework will always drive clear strategy, save cost and boost top-line.

For ensuring confidentiality of our clients all the figures, metrics and categories are dummy. Only general sector terms are visible for demonstration purpose

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