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Performed value analysis of more than 80 private companies using Internationally accepted methodologies which includes Start-ups, Manufacturing, Information Technology, Pharmaceuticals and Infrastructure entities.


Prepared financial models for fund raising, portfolio disinvestment ( $7Bn), debt re-financing ($100Mn) and budgeting.


Preparation of Information Memorandum, Teasers, managing data-room and liaising with stakeholders.



I have worked on turnaround strategies assisting distressed companies in steel, commercial properties and manufacturing sector. I have modelled forecasts with sensitivities and scenario analysis. The deliverables were backed up with micro and macro level research.


Restructuring involves disinvestment of non-profitable segments, exiting loss making markets, cutting costs, liaising with creditors, changing the legal structure, incorporating better governance policies.

Investment and Risk Management

Investment Management

I have assisted clients manage their institutional and private investments educating them benefits of diversification, delivering statement of objective considering their goals, return/risk objectives, time horizon and liquidity needs.

Credit Risk Management

Creating peer portfolio who are sharing similar risk parameters, determining probability of defaults, analysing financial statements to Industry benchmarks and setting monitoring standards.

Hedging Portfolios

Effective hedged private investment portfolios using futures and options in volatile markets. I have helped reduce concentration risk of High Net Worth Individuals.

Financial Reporting and Assurance

IFRS and US GAAP Reporting

I have worked with listed companies advising them as part of my job responsibility in implementation of IFRS 3 (Business Combination), IFRS 9 (Fair Value Measurement), IFRS 15 (Revenue from contract), ASC 606 (Revenue Recognition), ASC 820 (Fair Valuation), IAS 36 (Impairment Accounting). 

Auditing and Assurance

Tailoring the audit procedures, assessing risk within the parameters of materiality, performing SOX control testing, documenting process/controls, determining the appropriate level of testing to be performed to mitigate the risk and ensuring quality documentation as per International Standards.

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