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Explore Strategic Benefits Of Partnering with India. Develop and Scale Your Dream With Best Talent 

Financial Modelling, Planning and Analysis

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Financial Planning and Analysis

Empower your business with insightful financial foresight and strategic planning with cash flow forecasting and budgeting. Use cutting-edge analytical tools to drive profitability and sustainable growth.

Financial Modelling

Build financial models for working capital management, capital budgeting decision, leveraged buy outs and debt restructuring with multiple scenarios and stress factor analysis. 

Strategic Decisions with 
Business Analytics

Using Power BI or Tableau will enable effective risk management, decision making over cloud and timely monitor activities of your business. The Power Query helps in creation of Industry specific Key Performance Indicators and automate monthly MIS.

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Valuations and Risk Management

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Valuation Modelling

Practice globally accepted valuation methodologies for valuation of businesses. The training covers fundamentals of building valuation models, appropriate usage of approaches, scenario analysis and sensitivities around key inputs.

Wealth Management

Plan your financial and non-financial investments to achieve desired rate of return and reduce risk of concentration. The training covers succession planning, use of leverage and derivatives strategy.


Application of Futures/Forwards/Options to manage the portfolio risk exposure. The training involves managing portfolio risk exposure, reduce currency fluctuation risk and valuation of each of the above financial instruments.


Transaction Due Diligence

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Accounting Considerations

Investigate the key considerations of the target in recognising revenue, capitalising or expensing cost, impairment analysis and importance of fair valuation as per latest accounting standards.

Deal Structuring

Evaluate different deal structures, such as asset purchases, stock purchases, or mergers, to align with the parties' objectives. Understand and navigate complex financial instruments and structures during negotiation process. 

Risk Mitigation and Prevention

Identify potential risks and liabilities associated with a transaction, allowing the acquiring company to make informed decisions and mitigate any challenges.

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