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Explore your FDI route to the Land of Diversity

Evaluating the Capital Structure and Investment Vehicle

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Automatic Route

Evaluate if your investment strategy would qualify for automatic route. Certain sectors are eligible under this route with prescribed sectoral limits and mandatory conditions to comply. 

Government Approval

Evaluate the financial viability before investing in critical infrastructure in India and get approvals from Reserve Bank. Adhere to the regulation and enhance the credibility of your business in India.  

Capital Structure, Investment Vehicle and Repatriation

Create tax efficient capital structure and stay in compliance with the requirements of the FEMA Act. Report the current and capital flows in and out of India and repatriate funds adhering to the FDI/FPI regulations. 

Business Meeting

Annual Returns, Books of Accounts and ROC Compliance

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Annual Returns

File the Annual Return on Foreign Liabilities and Assets (FLA) with the RBI. This return includes details of foreign liabilities (like investments received from abroad) and assets (like overseas investments by the company).

Books of Accounts

Maintain adequate documentation and record-keeping for all foreign exchange transactions. These records will be essential for audits and inspections by regulatory authorities and Companies Act, 2013.


Stay in compliance with reporting inwards and outwards remittance, Know Your Client (KYC), adhering to any timely guidance for presentation of money laundering, Income Tax Returns, TDS, GST and Advance Tax Payments. 

Law Office

Transfer Pricing Rules

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Related Party Transactions

Ensure compliance with the transfer pricing guidance under Income Tax Act. Report the transactions between the holding and subsidiaries at the arm's length transaction.

Benchmarking Analysis

Explore various methods like Comparable Uncontrolled Price (CUP) method, Resale Price Method (RPM), Cost Plus Method (CPM), Transactional Net Margin Method (TNMM), and Profit Split Method (PSM) for benchmarking. Explore Advance Pricing Agreements to pre-determine the pricing methodology. 

Annual Transfer Pricing Report

Assistance in filing form 3CEB and reporting of specified domestic transactions on exceeding threshold. These compliance will enable reliable repatriation on exit of investment. 

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