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Software Testing

Test Consulting and Automation 

Supporting Your Success

Test Strategy and Automation

Test Strategy and Governance ensure that testing processes align with business objectives, providing a clear structure for quality assurance and risk management. Test Automation leverages technology to perform repetitive testing tasks automatically, significantly increasing test coverage and speed while reducing human error.

Process Crafting and Implementation

Leveraging Azure's advanced AI capabilities and Open AI to test the scripts and design product features with smart technologies.

Testing Integration with CI/CD Pipeline

Integrating testing with CI/CD pipelines automates the testing phase within the continuous integration and continuous deployment process, facilitating frequent code releases with high quality.

Industrial Machinery

Database and Application Performance Testing

Supporting Your Success

Database and Data-warehouse Testing

Database Testing verifies the integrity of database operations, ensuring that data is accurately stored, retrieved, updated, and deleted as intended. Datawarehouse Testing checks the reliability and performance of data storage systems, crucial for business intelligence and decision-making processes.

Load, Stress, Volume & Endurance Testing

These testing methods validate the software’s reliability and stability under various conditions, ensuring it can handle real-world use and maintain performance over time.

Functional and Compatibility Testing

Functional Testing verifies that each aspect of a software application operates according to the defined requirements, focusing on user interactions and business processes. Compatibility Testing checks that software performs consistently across different environments, devices, and software versions, ensuring broad usability.

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